ICT Enablement Company using WorkWide

Leading ICT enablement company providing the fulfilment skills and resources needed to install, connect, service and support world class organisations and solutions in the Telco space.

The ICT enablement company wa s aggressively growing their Field technician base and required a world class Workforce Management Solution to manage all their technicians and digitize the engagement with their customers while improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction

WorkWide provided a web portal and mobile app for operations managers and field technicians, respectively. The solution included features such as real time work management, digital job cards, and route optimization.


Increased the number of tasks completed within the 3 day requirement by 37%


Increased the number of tasks conducted on a monthly basis by 82%


Increased the number of tasks per user per month by 25%


Achieved fuel savings per task of 8.7%

By using WorkWide, the company was able to improve their operational efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, and achieve significant improvements in task completion and fuel efficiency.

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