Internet Service Provider (ISP) using WorkWide

As a Layer 2 ISP with B2B and direct to customer operations, the ISP was facing challenges in managing their sizable subcontractor network and digitizing their service lifecycle. They required a solution to improve visibility and efficiency for inhouse and subcontractor technicians, increase accountability, and manage subcontractor cost.

WorkWide was able to:
Fully digitise their service lifecycle from conducting site surveys and installations to planned maintenance and incident management.
Give inhouse and subcontractor technicians more visibility into their current and planned work.
Increase subcontractor efficiency so they can focus on work not admin.
Increase accountability with auditable activity and location tracking.
Reduce unnecessary waiting time by automating follow on tasks
Improve time by billing by providing immediate proof of work.
Manage subcontractor cost through increase visibility on field activity

By using WorkWide, the Layer 2 ISP was able to streamline their service lifecycle, improve efficiency, and increase
accountability. The solution also helped the ISP manage subcontractor cost and workload, while providing immediate
proof of work for billing purposes.

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