Asset Management with Approvals

Tying your assets to your jobs enables end-to-end efficiency in your business. No business can afford to waste time or money through incorrect allocation, lack of visibility, pilferage and simple mismanagement of assets. With Asset Management integration, watch your CSAT surveys skyrocket by delivering the right product at the right time, keeping the CFO smiling too!Integrate WorkWide using our robust API. Our web services allow seemless integration into your existing operating and business support information systems. We provide Professional Services to help scope and design workflows in order to execute on your integration requirements.

Know where all your business’ moving parts are, literally! Optimise your Asset Movement and Inventory Management throughout your distribution process, from depot, dispatch, in-transit, deployment, obsoletion and return. Set minimum quantity alerts, pricing and track by serial number. See our Job Management features which enable Asset management, such as, Barcode Scanning, QR Code Scanning, Image uploading etc.

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