WorkWide is completely configurable, so whatever the job type, we can do it! In fact, we’ve made it so easy, you can DIY! Our skilled engineers and support teams are also available to assist. All businesses are unique, so we’ve designed our platform to be consumed aaS. Combined with our integration capabilities, WorkWide is the perfect tool for any business, enabling you to rid your FOMO in the Digital World we live in today!

Multiple Task Types

Configure an array of unlimited task types relative to your business, such as incident management, corrective maintenance, preventative maintenance, event management, request management, callouts, inspections…anything you can think of! Not sure, Click Here and let us help you!

Form Builder Components

Configure your own forms with multiple data types supported, including barcodes and images.

Customised Forms

When creating/conducting tasks, WorkWide gives you the ability to configure tasks at will. We understand that businesses have diverse service portfolios which requires you to have the ability to drive an array of tasks. WorkWide does not limit the number of task configurations within our licensing model, so you can configure as many as you want! Describe which task you would like to complete, or send us your workflow or job card, and we’ll help you!

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