Mapping and GPS

Use WorkWide’s embedded GPS features to ensure that your entire mobile workforce is visible, all the time! Not only is this vital for productivity and improved client experience, but imperative for employee safety. Optimise and assess your mobile workforce’s productivity by using WorkWide’s GPS and Mapping features which allow you to accurately track travel-time and location history. Have peace of mind that all tasks are completed within their specified locations and have been reached through optimised travel routes, avoiding accidents and traffic congestion with real-time traffic data.


A task is accompanied by the history of the specific Configuration Item (CI) and location of the task.


Define geographic perimeter for a specific task or user.


Understand where all your mobile users are at all times with real-time visability using geocoding to pinpoint the exact location.

mobile user eta

Creating visibility on the mobile users ETA to a specific task/location through web interface messaging or notifications.

Optional navigation (mobile app)

Tasks that do not require travel will skip the navigation interfaces on the mobile application.

Real-time Feedback on Mobile User Activity

All field data is updated to the dispatch team in real-time.

Route Optimisation

Waypoint optimisation that works out the best route for a mobile user to take, taking into account task locations, task priority and real-time traffic data.

Support for GPS Coordinates

WorkWide supports geocoding and reverse geocoding, allowing the platform to convert human readbale addresses to GPS coordinates, or Vice Versa.

Travel Time Calculations

Get a real view of the actual travel time for all field service personnel using geocoding to track actual distance and time travelled.

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