What is all this for if we can’t intelligently display and utilise all your collected data to make better business decisions? Use our Job Reports and Dashboards for all your operational reports and Boardpacks. We have a standard set of reporting tools, but all the data is available for you to create your own, based on your exact needs.

Reporting & Dashboards

Standard reporting and dashboards Bespoke / customisable reporting and dashboards (user generated).

Standardised PDF & E-mail Reports

Admins have the additional capability to export these in the following formats: Direct copy; CSV; Excel; PDF; Direct print.

PDF Reports (Job Cards)

Automatically send proof of work in real-time.

Work Time Calculations

Actual work time is recorded for all tasks.

Customer Ratings

Capture customer ratings of each task in real-time.

WorkWide gives you full control over your data, allowing you to structure your reporting as you wish, over and above very useful standard reports and dashboards. Define the job types, set your field types, select the required fields and specify conditions for your reports.

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