WorkWide Software Features

When creating our mobile workforce management solutions, we spent time researching and understanding the needs of modern businesses that manage field workers.

Today, our software solutions offer features that are specifically designed to streamline and improve your workflows.

Whether you’re focused on job, workforce or asset management, our platform offers a solid foundation for your success.

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Job Management Software

WorkWide’s job management software for field service operations streamlines your processes by seamlessly integrating job scheduling, dispatching, and real-time notifications.

Optimise workforce efficiency and ensure every job is completed on time and within budget.

Mapping and GPS

Use WorkWide’s integrated GPS features to maintain real-time view of your entire mobile workforce, improving productivity and boosting customer satisfaction.

We give you the ability to accurately monitor travel times and the location history of your field service workers directly from our web and mobile apps.

Asset Management

Take control of your assets within your job management processes, unlocking end-to-end efficiency.

Avoid wasting time and resources due to incorrect asset allocation, lack of visibility or asset mismanagement.

Scheduling and Dispatch

Enhance scheduling and dispatch with our job nanagement software for efficient processes, saving time and resources.

Empower your team and complete your project on time, every time, by simplifying how you assign jobs to your field service workers.


At the core of our software, we transform collected data into valuable insights for your business.

Access real-time analytics, track key performance indicators, and visualise data effortlessly. Gain actionable insights and improve operational efficiency with dashboards and downloadable reports.

Seamless Integration

WorkWide’s solutions don’t require any code for integration. APIs and endpoints are automatically generated with a simple click.

If you use BSS, OSS software, CRM or ITSM tools, rest assured that WorkWide retains all your existing rules effectively.

License Disc Scanning

Effortlessly capture important details from a vehicle’s license disc using your mobile device.

All data is electronically processed, which means you can retrieve it whenever you need to.  No more manual data entry or risk of errors.

Optical Character Recognition

Our optical character recognition technology is designed to provide you with a seamless and highly accurate text conversion experience.

This advanced feature instantly transforms typed, handwritten, or printed content into machine-encoded text.

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