Elevate Your Business Through Seamless Integrations

Thanks to our robust API, you can easily integrate WorkWide Mobile solutions into your existing systems and business processes.

Our mobile workforce and job management software are meticulously crafted for a seamless integration experience. You can finally bid farewell to complexities and welcome a smooth journey.

You have the freedom to tailor the integration to your specific operational requirements, streamline day-to-day operations and achieve operational excellence.

workwide mobile integrations

To assist you even further, you can rely on our expert team to scope and design workflows tailored to your needs.

WorkWide Mobile Integrations

3rd Party Out-of-Box Integration

Effortlessly connect with popular systems like ServiceNow, BMC, Atlassian, Cherwell, SAP, MSDynamics, Odoo, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Hubspot, Workday, and more through our standard integrations.

REST Integration

Standard REST integrations into the same array of ITSM, ERP, and CRM systems are available, facilitating data exchange and synchronisation within our mobile workforce management solution.

API Integration

We offer middleware support for your Business and Operational Support System (OSS & BSS) via our API (Application Program Interface), ensuring seamless connections and data flow between systems.

SOAP Integration

Our middleware can be configured to support SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) integrations using HTTP and XML, offering an additional avenue for your system connectivity.

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