Job Management

Job Management is at the core of our comprehensive solution, therefore offering a robust set of features to ensure your tasks are executed with precision and efficiency. Our Job Management Software, integrated into our Workforce Management Solution, is designed to streamline operations, enhance digital job cards, and optimize field work management for your mobile workforce. 

Tasks are organized and structured meticulously, with all necessary attributes for job details carefully managed. We are prioritizing tasks by their status, assigning them to the appropriate personnel based on skillset and availability. In addition, our system supports multimedia uploads, on-site data capture, and real-time collaboration thus facilitating seamless communication and data sharing.

With our Job Management Software, you can empower your field service workers and simplify field operations. Our software is adaptable, as a result it is a versatile choice for managing job cards efficiently. It also includes features like Service Dispatch, Work Order Management, Asset Tracking, Inventory Management, Service Contract Management, and Remote Support, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your field service needs.

Enhancing Your Photographs with Metadata

Elevate the quality of your photographs by effortlessly adding comments and additional information to each image. This feature, integrated into our Job Management Software, empowers you to provide context and insights.

Keeping you informed with Auto-Updates

We are always ensuring that you are staying up to date with the latest version of our app. Enable auto-updates directly from your preferred app store, ensuring you have access to the most current features and enhancements available within our Workforce Management Solution.

Effortless Knowledgebase Attachments

You can simplify your knowledge management by uploading attachments from either the desktop or mobile application. This streamlined process ensures that you have easy access to vital resources while working.

Real-Time Field Updates

Experience instant synchronization of changes to fields, task types, and other key elements directly to the mobile app. Our Field Service Management Software is designed for optimal efficiency.

Streamline Asset Management with Barcode Scanning

Optimize asset management by utilizing barcode scanning as a field input. This innovative feature simplifies the tracking and organization of assets within your operations.

Markup Images and Attachments

Add a personal touch to your images and attachments using WorkWide’s drawing tool. Markup images within the app before uploading, ensuring clarity and precision in your communication.

Digitize Signatures with Ease

Streamline the process of capturing signatures on the mobile device. Our electronic signature feature is designed to simplify documentation and enhance workflow efficiency.

Access Advanced Knowledgebase

Leverage an advanced knowledgebase readily available via both the mobile app and website. Access this valuable resource to assist with your daily operations and decision-making.

Stay Informed with Notifications and Alerts

Never miss a beat with notifications and alerts for both mobile and web users. Our solution ensures that you’re well-informed and prepared to take action.

Geolocate Photographic Evidence

Geolocate all your images with metadata, enhancing the accuracy and relevance of your photographic evidence within our field work management system.

Seamless Push Notifications

Receive push notifications for all new tasks and updates to existing tasks. Stay connected and in the loop with real-time alerts within our Cloud-based Field Service platform.

Efficient Task Dependency Configuration

Streamline your workflow by chaining multiple tasks together. One task’s completion can seamlessly trigger the next, ensuring an efficient and organized approach to your job management.

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