WorkWide Key Features

Features that accelerate your business and empower your employees, designed with customer experience in mind, making it easy for anyone to use.

Task Assignment

Create, prioritise, assign and resolve.

Entity Management

Manage customers, regions, divisions and branches.

User Tracking

Geo-location and live movement tracking

Barcode Scanning

Scan Barcodes or QR codes and manage asset usage per task.

Route Optimisation

Automated route planning.

Digital Jobcards

Customise your Jobcards to meet your business needs.

Offline Mode

Access tasks anywhere.

Create From App

Create, update and assign or reassign tasks From the mobile phone.

User Friendly Design

Easy for non-technical staff to use simplified workflows

WorkWide is designed with customer experience in mind. It’s not about replicating service management systems, rather about bringing together information to be consumed as a standardised process via a mobile device easy for non-technical staff to use Simplified workflows.

This translates to real value by facilitating early adoption by users, minimising organisational change control and complexity there of, increasing first contact resolution by field personnel which leads to greater client satisfaction, increased productivity and ultimately, increased profitability and ROI.


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