Mapping and GPS

Use GPS and Mapping for Total Visibility

Use WorkWide’s integrated GPS features to maintain real-time view of your entire mobile workforce. This not only improves productivity and the client’s experience but is also critical for employee safety. Optimize and evaluate the productivity of your mobile workforce by using WorkWide’s GPS and Mapping capabilities, thus allowing you to accurately monitor travel times and location history.

Rest assured that all tasks are completed within their set locations, travelled to via the best travel routes, and protected against accidents and traffic jams with the support of real-time traffic data. This feature, integrated into our Field Service Management Software, ensures a streamlined and optimal operation of your workforce while keeping client satisfaction and employee safety at the forefront of your service.

Comprehensive CI/Location History

Gain valuable insights with a detailed history of the Configuration Item (CI) and task locations. Our Job Management Software ensures that each task is paired with its respective CI history, providing a complete picture of your operations.

Precision with Geo-Fencing

Define specific geographic areas for tasks or users, improve task management and ensuring efficient field service operations within your areas.

Real-Time Geo-Location

Always ensure real-time visibility of your mobile users’ locations by using geocoding technology. Pinpoint their exact locations, optimizing task management and improving efficiency within our Workforce Management Solution.

Mobile User ETA Visibility

Create transparency by providing visibility into mobile users’ estimated time of arrival at specific tasks or locations through web messaging or notifications, improving communication and task coordination.

Optional Navigation within the Mobile App

Streamline task management with optional navigation in the mobile application. Tasks that do not require travel can skip these screens, saving time and resources for your mobile workforce.

Instant Feedback on Mobile User Activity

Empower your dispatch team with real-time field data updates. Our system ensures that all important information is relayed instantly, improving decision-making and responsiveness.

Efficient Route Optimization

Improve task routes with waypoints, determining the most efficient path for mobile users based on task locations, priorities, and real-time traffic data. This feature, integrated into our Field Service Management Software, streamlines operations.

Seamless Support for GPS Coordinates

Use geocoding and reverse geocoding capabilities within WorkWide to convert human-readable addresses to GPS coordinates and vice versa. This ensures excellent location tracking and task management.

Accurate Travel Time Calculations

Get real-time travel time calculations for field service workers using geocoding technology. Track actual distances and time travelled, providing accurate insights into field operations within our Cloud-based Field Service platform.

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