At WorkWide, we bring tangible value to a diverse range of industries with our innovative and reliable solution. Our platform serves businesses across various sectors, providing tailored solutions that cater to their specific needs.

Facilities Management

– Whether it’s routine maintenance, incident management, or real-time workflow oversight, WorkWide streamlines Facilities Management processes to enhance efficiency.


– From installations to scheduled maintenance and network audit and control, WorkWide supports the Telecommunications industry in optimizing operations and asset management.


– WorkWide facilitates callouts, site inspections, and firearm controls, bolstering security operations through efficient task management.

Office Automation

– We assist in handling incident tasks, repairs, and callouts in the Office Automation sector, ensuring seamless workflow management.

Health Safety & Mining

– WorkWide contributes to improved access control, identity management, and audit and control in the Health Safety & Mining industry, promoting safety and efficiency.


– Covering installations and repairs, along with vehicle inspections, WorkWide supports Automotive businesses in enhancing their operations and customer service.


– From assessments to fulfilment, WorkWide streamlines insurance processes for efficient customer service and claims management.

Fire Safety

– Our platform facilitates the installation, maintenance, and repairs in the Fire Safety industry, ensuring compliance and safety.

Hygiene Services

– WorkWide enables real-time maintenance and efficient incident management in Hygiene Services, ensuring high levels of hygiene and customer satisfaction.


WorkWide is a valuable companion for field workers engaged in diverse tasks, ranging from service requests, installations, maintenance, and sales to site inspections and fulfilment orders. Our mobile platform seamlessly integrates with your core business operating systems, serving various roles:  
  • Maintenance teams
  • Field technicians
  • Onsite technicians
  • Dispatch personnel
  • Installation teams
  • Service teams
  • Facilities managers
  • Operations personnel
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