WorkWide delivers tangible value to industries with our innovative and reliable solution that serves businesses across all various industries.

Facilities Management – Routine Maintenance; Incident and Real-Time Work Flow


Telecommunications – Installations; Scheduled Maintenance; Network Audit & Control;

Asset Management

Security – Callouts; Site Inspections, Firearm Controls

Office Automation – Incident Tasks; Repairs; Callouts;


Health Safety & Mining – Access Control; Identity Management; Audit & Control

Automotive – Installation and Repairs; Vehicle


Insurance – Assessment to fulfilment

Fire Safety – Installation, Maintenance, Repairs

Hygiene Services – Realtime Maintenance & Incident and Real-Task Time Management


WorkWide assists field workers performing tasks varying from service requests, installations, maintenance, sales, site inspections to fulfilment orders and deliveries. We configure workflows and task types into our mobile platform as an extension of your core business operating systems, serving:


  • Maintenance teams
  • Field technicians
  • Onsite technicians
  • Dispatch personnel
  • Installation teams
  • Service teams
  • Facilities managers
  • Operations personnel
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