Robust Reporting Empowers Decision-Making
At the core of our Job Management Software and Workforce Management Solution, we transform collected data into valuable insights. Our suite of reporting tools, including Job Reports and Dashboards, supports operational reporting and facilitates comprehensive Boardpacks.

We acknowledge the uniqueness of every business, offering flexibility to tailor reports to your exact requirements. Whether it’s digital job cards, field work management, mobile workforce, or any field service management aspect, our reporting tools provide the needed intelligence.

Unlock your data’s power for informed business decisions. Our Cloud-based Field Service platform ensures insights for sustainable success, supporting your operations.

Unlock the power of your data to make informed business decisions. Our Cloud-based Field Service platform ensures that your operations are supported with the insights required for sustainable success.

Generate Tailored Insights with Our Reporting & Dashboards

Our Job Management Software and Workforce Management Solution offer standard reporting and dashboard options, catering to your needs. Furthermore, our system empowers users to create bespoke and customizable reports and dashboards, ensuring tailored insights are readily available.

Effortless Export Options

Choose from Direct copy, CSV, Excel, PDF, or Direct print to seamlessly manage and disseminate data within your field service operations. Admins can tailor the format to suit specific requirements, ensuring efficient data handling.

Real-Time Proof of Work (Job Cards)

Our PDF Job Cards automatically send proof of work in real-time, ensuring prompt and accurate sharing of critical information, thus contributing to enhanced service delivery.

Accurate Work Time Calculations

Every task’s actual work time is meticulously recorded, providing precise insights into the time spent on various job aspects. This data is essential for optimizing operations and resource allocation.

Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Capture real-time customer ratings for each task, offering valuable feedback that can be used to continuously improve service quality. These ratings enhance your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) efforts, contributing to a more responsive and customer-centric approach within your field service management.

Take charge of your data with WorkWide. Our Job Management Software and Workforce Management Solution give you control. Customize reports and dashboards to fit your vision. Define job types, choose fields, and set conditions for tailored insights. WorkWide adapts to your needs, optimizing field service management. Seize control of your data, ensuring informed decisions. Our Cloud-based platform lets you customize for efficiency and productivity.
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