Efficient Scheduling and Dispatch

Simplify job scheduling and dispatch with our system. Your team can efficiently assign tasks using three methods:

  1. Independent Desktop Console Assignment: Empower your team to allocate jobs from their desktop consoles.
  2. Automatic Integration from Your Business System: Seamlessly integrate your business system with our solution for automated job assignments.
  3. Priority-Based Auto Assignment: Enable automated job assignment based on priority, skillset, resource availability, and bootstock.

Our Job Management Software enhances scheduling and dispatch for efficient processes, saving time and resources. Whether using digital job cards, field work management, or mobile service software, our system ensures precise and speedy task allocation.

Ad hoc Task Assignment

Assigning tasks to mobile users is a breeze with the WorkWide console. This direct method simplifies task distribution.


Efficiently streamline and optimize resource utilization by automating task allocation. This is done based on user groups, location, skillset, workload, and availability.

Complete Tasks on the Web

Increase accessibility and efficiency by allowing desk-bound users the flexibility to complete tasks directly on the web.

Create Tasks from the Mobile App

Easily start tasks quickly from the mobile app, ensuring your tasks get going faster.

On Duty / Off-duty Status

Users can say when they’re available, making it easier to assign tasks and following HR rules for a smoother operation.

On Hold Reasons

Customize on-hold reasons for different task types, providing clarity and context for task management within our Field Service Management Software.

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