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Let us help you discover greater business value through our team of experts.

WorkWide puts your business in the palms of your workforce’s hands. Let us help you with valuable insights gained from all spheres of industry, to enable the moving parts of your organisation to function as the core arm of your revenue generation by ensuring an optimised workforce.

Asset Management

Access all your processes and assets in the field. Sync your inventory management system and manage your boot-stock, or let WorkWide do this for you.

User Friendly

WorkWide is designed with customer experience in mind. Bring information together to be consumed in a standardised process via a mobile device.

Modern Infrastructure

WorkWide is a Platform-as-a-Service that runs on modern architecture. Contact Us should you require more information.

User Experience

When integrated to Business Process Frameworks and systems, WorkWide retains all business rules, workflow driven triggers and other pre-configured processes.

Self Service

WorkWide is configurable so it can fulfil your requirements for managing and monitoring your field operations. Managing moves in an effective and low risk manor is essential for your business’s level of service.


With WorkWide you are not limited to using 1 form template for all your field tasks. Task Type configurability gives you the freedom to create as many form templates as you require, which update immediately to the mobile App.

Integration – On the fly, and with ease!

We understand that managing platform integrations can be complex. WorkWide is designed to take the integration burden away. WorkWide requires NO CODE to integrate. API’s and endpoints are automatically generated at the click of a button. One instance – many integrations.

As a consumer of BSS or OSS software, you have many modules, users and roles. With WorkWide you can effectively retain all your pre-existing rules. You can integrate several different ITSM modules and forms to WorkWide allowing your field users to use 1 app to conduct different task types. Contact Us to discuss your integration requirements. Let us help you get the Job Done.


WorkWide can be integrated into any 3rd party BSS or OSS, whether ETOM or ITSM tool, CRM, ERP, SaaS application, IoT device or any system with workflow driven triggers required to drive: Incident Management, Event Management and Request Management.

WorkWide is the Enterprise Glue that ensures that all Task Management (basically any job) is managed through it’s full lifecycle and adheres to your business rules, ensuring work assigned, route planning, appointments, resource and asset demand, skill allocation, availability and work assigned are all managed to ensure operational alignment in real time.

Bring Sales, Technicians and Customers together to improve your Client Experience.

Enable continuous service improvement by digesting your own rich data to make better business decisions.

BI Reporting Dashboards

Enrich previously vague or non-existent field operations data to be measurable by gathering real data that empowers you to target your business goals and service quality by providing insights for better decision-making.
• Set Measurable Targets and KPI’s
• Make informed service and process improvements
• Assess timeframes for task locations
• Accelerate target and goal achievement
…and so much more!

WorkWide also offers ITSM Consulting, Advisory Services and Training. Contact Us for more info.


We know that your organisation may follow the ITIL framework and perhaps some level of ISO or similar standards of operation or service quality.

WorkWide is designed to be configurable so it can fill business requirements for managing & monitoring your field operations.







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